About Us

About Us

Our history

Afri Guard (Pty) Ltd is a Level 1 – Value Adding BBBEE Security Company.

Our company has been in existence from 1999 and our mission is to provide a tailor made service of the highest possible standard to existing and prospective clients nation-wide through total management and workers’ commitment. We shall operate in an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and trust, striving for excellence in all activities to satisfy our internal and external customers’ requirements with regards to standards, on-time service deliveries and profits

We are continuing to invest heavily in our core business, through the implementation of further high tech systems and equipment and diversification into the provision of other security related services, with the long term aim of becoming the market leader in the next decade.

What we stand for

We are committed to the B-BBEE process in the form of mentorship, upliftment and training. Staff recruitment is done geographically in each area of operation.  This in turn ensures community involvement and community upliftment.

As part of the B-BBEE strategy, Afri Guard has embraced the empowerment and training of our employees as a priority to ensure that our staff members are equipped with the necessary skills. All staff members are encouraged to further their education. Afri Guard supports our staff members and assists financing where required.

  • Scheduled Safety and Security Site Audits by the SHERQ Management Team
  • Annual Risk Assessments by the SHERQ Management Team
  • Annual SABS Site Audit
  • Quality Management System
  • Director Level commitment and involvement in operations
  • Technologically advanced and fully integrated Nerve Centre
  • Contingency and Emergency Plans
  • Fully equipped Task Teams available to clients on a “when required basis”.

We are always aware that our image and service reflect upon the image of our clients and our commitment to our staff is therefore fundamental in our business.

Through continued evaluation, specialized training, technology updates and determination, we have become the leader in the fight against crime in our country.

We have developed solutions in specialized fields within the security industry that provide a service to South Africa as a whole, and not just to our Clients.

Afri Guard uses state-of-the-art systems technology for all business administration functions to ensure cost effective, accurate and efficient information and services.

Afri Guard has a valid SABS ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification which is reviewed annually.  The scope of our Quality Management System (QMS), describes the services, resources and controls employed by Afri Guard.

The structure of the QMS is developed to ensure our Customers’ needs are satisfied and that our business operating methods are continually reviewed.  Business improvement and operation efficiency is measureable and closely monitored.

As a national company, Afri Guard has developed certain specialist security disciplines in order to cater for the unique requirements of our clientele.

Security at work for you

We have developed a “Strategic Business & Management Plan” which, together with our Quality Policy, is directed towards achieving the following objectives: 
  • Obtaining and maintaining an international Quality Standards Certification listing.
  • Ensuring ongoing and effective interaction between our client and ourselves.
  • Going beyond the agreed specification and performance criteria.
  • Imparting continual quality assurance awareness throughout the company and amongst our supplier base.
  • Continually improving the cost effectiveness of our services.
  • Improving skills and instilling the need for self-discipline and attention to detail by all.
  • Reducing internal / external service non-conformance.
  • Ensuring continued customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring internal / external resources are aligned to the Quality Statement and Company Mission Statement.
We embrace the notion of corporate social responsibility and corporate social investment.

Our Misson

Our mission is to become a market leader in the guarding, K9, scent detection and CCTV industries. This will be achieved by investing heavily in our core business through incorporating the use of high tech suveilance and monitoring equipment to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide to our clients.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a tailor made service of the highest possible standards to existing and prospective clients through total management and worker commitment. Then at some stage we’ll have to add an image at the start of the content.

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