Afri Guard started deploying horses and mounted guards since its inception.  We were pioneers in deploying mounted security officers for crime prevention duties.  We have had a lot of success in this division and services which includes:

  • Protection of cable and rail networks in rural areas
  • Patrolling Golf estates
  • Crowd management at special events
  • Anti-Poaching follow up operations
  • Patrolling large parking areas
  • Etc.

The welfare of our equine partners is of paramount importance to us.  We have an excellent reputation in the industry pertaining to the use and deployment of equines as force multipliers.  The advantages of having a mounted officer above a man on foot is obvious.  The rider and horse is extremely intimidating when controlling peaceful crowds of people.  The equines and officers demand respect and in the same sentence are people friendly and are admired by most.  Mobility is another aspect and advantage a mounted rider has over a man on foot.  Horses are environmentally friendly and are quiet whilst patrolling.

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