Investigative tasks relate to identifying physical evidence, gathering information, evidence collection, evidence protection, witness interviewing, and suspect interviewing and interrogation. These are essential tasks that must be learned and practiced with a high degree of skill to feed the maximum amount of accurate information into the investigative thinking process.

Some of our service include the following

  • Liaison, SAPS, DPCI, Public Prosecutors
  • SAPS: Criminal Record, Firearm Related, Queries, Wanted Criminals, Last Known Address, ID Verification, Criminal Cases Opened by Person / Suspect as Complaint
  • Section 205 Applications through SAPS and DPCI
  • Cell Phone Records, Itemised Billing and Location Tracking
  • Crime Scene Investigations, Finger Printing, Footprint Casting, Cable Theft Evidence, Forensic Analysis
  • Financial Institution Records
  • Vehicles Ownership Verification and Vehicles Sought
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • SNIPER Stolen and Wanted Vehicle Surveillance

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